One Piece Anime 1000 Episodes Completed

One Piece

One Piece 1000 Logos
One Piece 1000 Logs

Finally One Piece completed it's 1000 episode on Saturday November 20, 2021 or Sunday November 21, 2021 World Wide with respect to your region. 

A few months back, Toei Animation revealed the first key visual for Episode 1000 that flaunts Straw Hats and Beasts Pirates. After that, the animation studio revealed the first trailer for the 1000th episode to give us a glimpse of the animation, music, and characters.

One Piece

Episode 1000 is officially titled “Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together.” The episode will feature Luffy heading where Kaido awaits him, and the Straw Hat Pirates will defeat several powerful enemies on their path.

The episode will be streaming with Funimation alongside its debut in Japan. The preview for the episode teases the next major phase of the fight in Onigashima as the Straw Hats have finally gathered all in one place after scattering through the region following their initial invasion. It's the first time all of the Straw Hats will be fighting alongside one another (with Jinbe in tow as well, marking an even bigger occasion), and that seems perfect for such a major episode milestone.

Congratulations for 1000 episodes

Source : dualShokers, @onepiece_staff (instagram) 

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