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Got7 Dye


GOT7 Dye Album English Lyrics And Tracklist. Dye Album Consist Total 10 Song (Aura, Crazy, Not by the Moon, Love you Better, Trust my Love, Poison, Ride, Gravity, God Has Returned + Mañana, JY&YG Dance). GOT7's Dye Album Is 10th Studio Album. Got7 Dye Lyrics Are Available Here In 3 Languages Korean, Roman And English.

Recently the melodies that will be included in this album have just been announced, where the musical talent of: JB, BamBam, Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson, Youngjae and Yugyeom will be present to demonstrate why they occupy their place within the industry musical.

The track , ‘God Has Returned + Mañana’ will be a song in which ‘AmeriThaiKong’, the subunit made up of Mark, Jackson and Bambam, will be able to put all their talent there.

‘JY&YG Dance’ is a special melody, featured on the ‘Keep Spinning’ Tour, where Jinyoung and Yugyeom performed a powerful performance. Songs Ride, Gravity, God Has Returned + Mañana and JY&YG Dance on the list are melodies that they had already performed at these concerts.

‘Ride’ is a song that JB wrote. ‘Gravity’ was composed by Youngjae, those are the solos from the album. ‘Not by the Moon’, is the promotional single that the boys will be presenting.


Album : Dye
Artist : GOT7
Genre : Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Ballad
Album Language : Korean
Writers : 10 Years, Ars (Youngjae), Bambam (GOT7), Brock, Defsoul (JB), D.Ham, Jackson Wang 王嘉爾, Jinyoung (GOT7), Jo Mi Yang, Joo Chanyang, J.Y. Park, Lee Seo Lan, Mark [GOT7], Mirror BOY (220 Volt), Moon Hanmiru (220volt), Mot Mal, N. Ihua, NODAY, Room102 & Youngjae
Arranged By : A-Dee, Ah Lon Kim, Appu Krishnan, BL$$D, D.Ham, Frants, Isaac Han, J.Y. Park, Keith Hetrick, Lavin, Mirror BOY (220 Volt), Moon Hanmiru (220volt), NODAY, Okirobeatz, Royal Dive, Secret Weapon & Zayson
Composed by : A-Dee, Ah Lon Kim, Appu Krishnan, Ars (Youngjae), Bambam (GOT7), BL$$D, Davey Nate, Defsoul (JB), Frants, Frederik Jyll Nielsen, iHwak, Isaac Han, Jay & Rudy, Joo Chanyang, J.Y. Park, Keith Hetrick, Lavin, Mirror BOY (220 Volt), Moon Hanmiru (220volt), N. Ihua, NODAY, Okirobeatz, Royal Dive, Youngjae, Yugyeom [GOT7] & Zayson (Ze Sen Wong)
Rap Written By : Room102
Lyrics Language : Korean, Roman, English
Release Date : 20 April 2020


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  4. Love you Better English Lyrics
  5. Trust my Love English Lyrics
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  8. Gravity English Lyrics
  9. God Has Returned + Mañana English Lyrics
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