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First Love


BTS Wings


BTS First Love English Lyrics. First Love Song Sung By Kpop Boy Group And Artist BTS (방탄소년단) On Wings Album. BTS First Love Is Korean Pop Genre Song. BTS First Love English Lyrics


Song : First Love
Album : Wings
Artist : BTS (방탄소년단)
Genre : Rap / Hip-hop
Language : Korean
Release Date : 2016-10-10


In the corner of my memory
There is a brown piano
In the corner of my childhood home
There is a brown piano
I remember back then, it was bigger than me
The brown piano, it called out to me
I strained to look at you, with yearning
When I touched you with my small fingers
“I feel so nice, mom I feel so nice”
I just moved my fingers how I wanted across the keys
Back then, I didn’t know the meaning of you
I was happy just looking at you
I remember back then, it was in elementary school
When I grew taller than you
I neglected you after I yearned for you so much
Dust building on the white keys
I didn’t know that I was neglecting you
Your meaning, wherever I was, you were always there
But I didn’t know that would be the last time
Don’t go like that, you say
“Even if I leave, don’t worry
Because you’ll do fine on your own
I remember when I first met you
You grew so big suddenly
There is a period at the end of our relationship
But don’t be sorry to me
You’ll meet me again in some shape or form
Then be happy to see me”
I remember back then, I forgot all about it
When I saw you again at age 14
Awkward for just a moment, I touched you again
Even after a long time, there’s no feeling of rejection at all
You accepted me
without you there’s nothing
After dawn, we faced the morning together
Don’t let go of my hand forever
Because I won’t let go of you either
I remember back then, the last of my teens
We burned it up together
Back when I didn’t see an inch into my future
We cried, laughed
Because I was with you, those moments are now memories
I held my broken shoulder and said
I really can’t do this anymore
Every time I wanted to give up
You said to me, by my side
Dude, you can do it, really
Yea yea, I remember back then
Tired and wandering in deep despair
I pushed you out and resented you
But you stayed by my side, even if I didn’t say anything
So don’t ever let go of my hand
Because I won’t ever let go of you
My birth and the end of my life
You watched over it all
In the corner of my memory
There is a brown piano
In the corner of my childhood home
There is a brown piano