DVWN - BADKID!!! Lyrics


DVWN (다운)

DVWN it's not your fault


DVWN BADKID!!! Lyrics. BADKID!!! Song Sung By Korean Artist DVWN (다운) On it's not your fault Album. DVWN BADKID!!! Is Korean Pop Song. DVWN BADKID!!! Korean, Romanized And English Lyrics.


Song : BADKID!!!
Artist : DVWN (다운)
Album : it's not your fault
Genre : K-Pop
Language : Korean
Release Date : 2021.04.14


I tried I can’t forget you
You’re so bad bad
Don’t tell me it’s over

When we were together
You know we felt something
Something special

I’ve been dealing with my suicidal thoughts
Living life with bad memories
From old times
I’ve been thinkin’ past memories
“Hmm suicide?”
Nah, just put it back, it is bad
You can’t get it back
You’re just trippin’ bad with bad memories
“No suicide” yeah I care bout my memories
“You are alive!” You gave me good memories
You showеd me real love
But I fuckеd up!!
Keep me by your side

Ooh baby be patient with me
You’re all I want, all I want
Keep me by your side
You made me realize why I need ya
Would you believe me, believe me
Or is it too late

I’m searching for you
I was lost, now I want
You taught me bout truth
I’m not lost now I want

You said
“Just cry, don’t need to worry bout
Others but you”

You gon leave me?
Don’t you leave me?
Just don’t leave me alone

I miss you
Close to you

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