Dream Garden (沉睡花园) Drama And Profile

Dream Garden (沉睡花园)

Dream Garden

Xiao Xiao, a blogger who runs a self-media account that tackles problems of the heart, gets into a disagreement with Lin Shen, a psychological counsellor, while they are both on a variety show.

Through a stroke of coincidence, Xiao Xiao (Qiao Xin) ends up applying for a position as Lin Shen's (Gong Jun) assistant. She hopes to improve her ability to analyze emotional problems by learning from a professional. Work brings them into each other's lives. They tackle a number of cases together and manage to avert the dangers that come from dealing with issues surrounding obsessive fan delusions, internet trolls and attachment disorders.

As their hearts grow closer, Xiao Xiao's enthusiasm and infectious vitality warms Lin Shen's cold personality. At the same time, Lin Shen teaches Xiao Xiao how to become an exceptional psychological counsellor. However, there's a hidden crisis looming. After many hurdles, they discover that love is actually a kind of hypnosis to turn each other into better versions of themselves.


  1. Drama Name : Dream Garden
  2. Chinese Name : 沉睡花园
  3. Other Name : Chen Shui Hua Yuan , Sleeping Garden
  4. Directed By : Zang Xichuan
  5. Produced By : Zhang Zhuo, Tang Fan, Zhao Zhuolin
  6. Production Company : MGTV, Hunan TV, Mango Excellent Media, Huace Film & TV
  7. Written By : Lan Bai Se
  8. Total Episodes : 16
  9. Runtime : Monday, Tuesday
  10. Network : Hunan TV Mango TV
  11. Genre : CDrama
  12. Language : Mandarin
  13. Country : China
  14. Release Date : 2021.12.13


Source : ChineseDrama.info

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