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WayV (威神V)

NCT DREAM Dreaming


WayV Miracle Lyrics. Miracle Song Sung By Korean Artist WayV (威神V) On NCT Universe Album. WayV Miracle Is Korean Pop English Song Labelled By SM Entertainment. WayV Miracle English Lyrics.


Song : Miracle
Artist : WayV (威神V)
Album : Universe
Genre : K-Pop
Label : SM Entertainment
Language : Korean
Release Date : 2021.12.14


Yangyang: Hey, okay
Breathe closer, come closer

Ten: I believe in miracles
Kun: Energy like that
Ten: Something more than physical
Kun: So give me that
We, we, we, we can just grow that, grow that
We ain’t gotta hold back, hold back, girl
Xiaojun: I believe in miracles
You got me saying

All: Oh, oh (That’s right)
Oh, oh, oh (You got me saying)
Give me that
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Yangyang: I said, “Liberate your conscience”
The world is shifting lately
You feel it in the KOSMO, all the love we made
Transcending ego, look, wе got it all
Ten: No stress when we brеathing, I, I, I, I
Hendery: Real with the feeling, it’s true
Hit my nature, innovate it, if you feeling it too
Really, I just wanna reach, tryna feel alive
All the love and the peace that I feel tonight
Yeah, that’s right

Ten: Turn off the lights and glow
I’m in the water low
Give me by yourself
Let’s connect and fly
Dreams can take you far
Kun: Find out who you really are
Xiaojun: I’m in love, in love, you tame me
And it’s more than physical

Kun: I believe in miracles (Baby, I believe in miracles)
Energy like that
Kun: Something more than physical
Hendery: So give me that
We, we, we, we can just grow that, grow that
Yangyang: (Grow that)
Hendery: We ain’t gotta hold back (We ain’t gotta hold back, baby), hold back, girl
Kun: I believe in miracles (Ayy, ayy)
Xiaojun: Girl, you got me saying

Yangyang: Oh, oh (Don’t stop)
Xiaojun: Oh, oh, oh (Girl, you got me saying)
Yangyang: Oh, oh (Ayy, ayy)
Oh, oh, oh (Woo)
Hendery: Give me that

Ten: Oh, nah, nah
Hendery: We don’t like long distance
Something been missing
Xiaojun: Oh, nah, nah
If you’re near or you’re far
Yangyang: It don’t matter where you are, now I’m there
Kun: Oh, nah, nah
Hendery: Yeah, I found that you
I think I found that you
Yeah, we found
Ten: Oh, nah, nah
Baby, I believe in miracles


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